37. Wrong Colour Uniform




Wheel and Sarabhai at her workstation.

I would say *that* slice across the bridge, and there on its little engineering section
Ah, so
So the assailiants were able to get close enough to precisely target two vital spots before the _Prospero_ could raise shields.
Either the attackers were *friends*, of they had some kind of *stealth*——
Huwwow there.
I know you think I think aww humans look alike, but even I can teww you are in the wrong colour uniform for my section.
Sorry sir! Just here to collect empty cups, sir!


The chap with the red eyes is Lieutenant Commander Ruh, the chief science officer of the USS Mumbai. As well as co-ordinating the ship’s somewhat limited research programme, he has overall responsibility for the processing of sensor data and its analysis by the ship’s library computer. (Unlike Spock, he does not double as first officer.)

Wheel says ‘stealth’ instead of ‘cloak’ because cloaking devices are not known to the Federation until stardate 1709.1 (’Balance of Terror‘).

With apologies to Gene Roddenberry and the many professionals and amateurs who have created the Star Trek universe over the years.

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