36. Manual Operation




Wheel and Sarabhai at her workstation in a monitor room on the Mumbai.

That‘s Lt Sing’s POV. We’re also getting higher-resolution scans of the _Prospero_ from their portable sensors …
Really? Let’s see.
Oh, dear. No wonder their mayday was cut off—that hit must have taken out their bridge instantly.
Hmm. Can you deduce which damage was inflicted first?
Sure, we have enough data now.
Go on, then.


This is my experiment with creating a strip as a single image file instead of one per panel. The advantage (obviously) is that the layout can be more flexible. Makes some aspects of working on the graphics more awkward, however.

Wheel is visiting the science section of the USS Mumbai. Sarabhai is one of a team of sensor analysts who are part of the system for sifting through the torrent of data from the various sensor arrays to pull out what is needed at any particular moment. Mostly what they do is give hints to the library computer’s automation, helping it learn what sorts of data the command staff find interesting.

With apologies to Gene Roddenberry and the many professionals and amateurs who have created the Star Trek universe over the years.

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