10. Cake




10.1 Three slightly goofy-looking starships fly in formation.

Hamlet (oov)
I can see the logic in using the anniversaries of events to ensure you don’t forget they happened…
Hamlet (oov)
… but surely the fact that you have been born is not something you will forget.

10.2 Root and Hamlet in conversation visible through a porthole.

Why do you need yearly reminders?
Any excuse for a party, I guess. And in my case it really IS just an excuse.
How so?

10.3 Root and Hamlet.

Birth records are not kept reliably where I was born, so when I got my official ID, I was assigned a birthdate based on my apparent age and my preferred birthday of 23 April.
So we are eating cake because of a convenient lie?


With apologies to Gene Roddenberry and the many professionals and amateurs who have created the Star Trek universe over the years.

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